When a loved one passes, life changes and we understand that. Our friendly team can guide you through a difficult time and take care of all aspects of administrating an estate.

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We also know that sometimes complex family dynamics can lead to someone disputing a Will. The legal complexity of Will disputes can be overwhelming and confusing. Our experienced team can assist you whether you are the beneficiary or executor of a disputed Will or whether you are considering challenging a Will. We are here to help.

In Queensland, two kinds of personal representatives undertake deceased estate administration: executors and administrators.

Executors are nominated by the testator in their will, while administrators are appointed by the Supreme Court when there is no will. Learn more about the role of an executor with Riki Millard.

Before commencing estate administration, with a few exceptions, a Grant of Probate is obtained from the Supreme Court. This depends on the testamentary circumstances of the deceased at death. Discover more about when probate is required with Lana, in this video.

An executor’s duties include collecting and protecting valuables and income, determining and attending to the payment of debts and liabilities, preparing tax returns, transferring or selling assets and distributing the estate assets in accordance with the will or where there is no will, in accordance with legislation.

Executors may sometimes receive a commission for large amounts of time spent managing the estate. Talk to our office regarding executors rights in this regard should you require any additional information.

If a will establishes a trust for an inheritance to be protected for an adult or child beneficiary, then trustees need to be appointed to manage this trust as part of the deceased estate administration process in line with The Trust Act 1973.

People want to take steps to ensure there are no claims against their estate after death. However, legislation in each state allows the court to consider an application made by an eligible person if they have not been adequately provided for in the estate.

Experienced estate lawyers can advise on reducing the likelihood of a family provision claim being successful. Disagreements may sometimes occur while administering estates.
Disputing a will is a complex area, requiring specialised legal advice. Our office is well-equipped to provide you with guidance in the event of a dispute.

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Your Estate Administration Specialist

The Boonah Law Practice’s dynamic team is dedicated to providing top-tier legal advice and support. Our office can assist you in all aspects of estate administration, including obtaining probate of a will or letters of administration from the Supreme Court, family provision claims and will dipsutes.


Legal Practitioner Director

our Law Practitioner Director, leads the team with her vast experience and strategic vision. Her leadership has been essential in establishing our reputation for quality service and client satisfaction.

Lana Carter Solicitor

Lana Carter


A legal practitioner with extensive experience in New Zealand and Queensland, who excels in estate administration. With a commitment to clear communication, Lana guides clients through the complexities of estate matters, ensuring a personalised approach to preserve their unique legacies.



Doug brings a depth of knowledge in succession law. His dedication and passion ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice and support when dealing with sensitive matters such as will disputes.



Jody Timmerman, a senior paralegal specialising in this area, provides exceptional assistance with her meticulous handling of legal documentation and procedures. Her vast experience and attention to detail offer our clients peace of mind during complex legal processes.

Together, Riki, Lana, Doug, and Jody form a formidable team that is committed to delivering high-quality, personalised legal services. Trust in Boonah Law Practice to guide you through your legal journey with professionalism, integrity, and compassion.