Legal advice is extremely important prior to entering into a commercial lease whether you are a landlord or a tenant because there is no such thing as a “standard lease”.

Every landlord and tenant should ensure that their lease meets their particular requirements. An unsuitable lease can leave a tenant in financial peril or a landlord with an unsaleable property. On the other hand a good lease can add value to your business or your land.


Tenants are often presented with the landlord’s draft lease “for signing” that often have up to 75 pages of complex clauses. Some of these clauses could seriously affect your business health and personal finances! We review lease agreements and provide advice so you know exactly what you are entering into and what your obligations are.


Landlords need to ensure that the lease contains the right clauses to protect their interests and give practical solutions in the event of tenant default or unusual events. For landlords we assist with drawing lease agreements to ensure that rights are protected and both parties understand their obligations under it.

Commercial lease lawyers are experienced in interpreting laws that affect commercial leases, including leases governed under the Retail Shop Leases Act.

Services offered include advising on new leases, drafting and reviewing leases, negotiating terms of the lease, and assisting with breaches of agreement.

Consulting a commercial lease lawyer prior to entering into a lease is advised to help avoid negative impacts.

A commercial lease lawyer will provide effective solutions for landlords and tenants that are tailored to their situation and ensure their clients’ best interests are kept in mind throughout the transaction.

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Our Commercial Leasing Team

Meet the dynamic duo of Riki Millard and Di Jackson, the force behind our legal team. Riki, a seasoned law practitioner director, brings her extensive knowledge and sharp insight to the table. She is known for her ability to navigate the legal complexities of commercial leasing with ease and efficiency.

Teaming up with Riki is Di Jackson, a senior paralegal. Di’s eye for detail and deep understanding of legal documents make her an invaluable asset to our team. She is committed to breaking down complex documents into easily understandable terms, ensuring our clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions.

Together, Riki and Di provide high-quality commercial leasing advice to both landlords and tenants. They strive to simplify the process, enabling clients to make informed decisions with assurance. Their combined expertise and dedication to client service make them a remarkable team in the realm of commercial leasing law.


Legal Practitioner Director

Riki is the Legal Practitioner Director of BLP. Riki has over 20 years’ experience within the legal industry. After many years working within the legal industry in a variety of capacities, Riki completed her law degree in 2006.



Di lives in the Harrisville/Peak Crossing area on a beef cattle property. Her family runs a rural fencing business. Di grew up on a small crops farm at Tarome and has lived in the local area all of her life.

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